A huge thank you to Asda in Southampton and their customers who voted for us in their green token scheme. We are very grateful to have been donated £200 which will go towards the continued support we offer the young people we work with and their families. 

If you have been listening to Heart South Coast, Capital South Coast or you follow our social media then you will know that we have been donated £91,000 by Global's Make Some Noise. As you can imagine it is completely unexpected and we are very grateful to all the listeners and fundraisers who helped raise this amazing amount. Have a watch of the video below to see our reaction.

                  New Host!!!

We are delighted to announce that since July 2018 we have been working with a great new host, Murrays Health and Beauty in Eastleigh. They supply health and beauty products to different pharmacies and direct to consumers via their website throughout the country. As you can imagine they have a very large warehouse to store all of these products. They offered one of our young people (Jordan), the opportunity to gain valuable experience by working in their warehouse on a paid work placement. Jordan came to work with the project as he was struggling to find employment due to lack of confidence and anxiety. He has done very well since joining Murrays’ Health and Beauty showing a great work ethic and a real appreciation of the opportunity. He has adapted really well to the organisation and has made a great impression. He completed his 6 months with The Rainbow Project in December 2018.We are very pleased to announce that Murrays Health and Beauty were so impressed they offered him a 3 month temporary contract, with a view to becoming permanent in April 2019. Well done Jordan for your hard work and determination and a huge thanks to Murrays Health & Beauty (specifically Mark C) for giving Jordan this opportunity and supporting the valuable community work we do. We very much look forward to working together again in the near future.

We had a great morning with Globals Make Some Noise to celebrate the monies raised by the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth and all of their festival goers. A huge thankyou to everyone involved, your money will be used to enable the young people we work with to have the chance to change their lives for the better.

                                                                                                Rising Star

We are very excited to share the news that one of our young people, Dellen who was placed with R&W through The Rainbow Project, was nominated and shortlisted for a Rising Star nomination at Kier’s Area 3 awards in November. In addition he has won the R&W Legend Best Newcomer award for his enthusiasm for work and his ability to look ahead at the next job when on site.

Having met The Rainbow Projects criteria, Dellen joined the Life Chances program in early 2017 and was selected almost immediately to join R&W where he began working on a high profile project on the M4 at Junction 10. This project was his first experience of the civil engineering industry, and one where he joined an established team of experienced and skilled operatives. Dellen didn’t let this faze him though; instead he seamlessly immersed himself into site ‘life’ and got stuck in, becoming a valuable member of the team.

Dellen’s passion for civil engineering quickly grew and after his time with The Rainbow Project, Dellen put himself forward for R&W’s CETC (Civil Engineering Training Centre) apprenticeship scheme. This is a two-year apprenticeship program which Dellen recognised as an opportunity to learn whilst gaining a recognised qualification.   

Dellen showed exceptional promise and was one of just four selected from more

than 200 applicants. Through his commitment and hard work, he’s subsequently

one of only two apprentices from that first cohort to be selected to continue

working with R&W. He’s now working as a fully trained civil engineering

operative and since qualifying, has taken the initiative himself to become an

ambassador for the R&W CETC apprenticeship scheme, actively providing

support to new entrants and providing guidance as they progress through their


We have had an amazing time being part of Globals Make Some Noise fundraising campaign and feel very lucky to have been chosen to have a fantastic promotional video made for us highlighting the hard work we do and how it benefits the young people we work with. 

                         NEW HOST!!!!

We are excited to announce that we have a new partnership with Hants and Dorset Trim in Eastleigh. They specialise is repairing and refurbishing the bodywork and interiors of buses from all over the south and have offered a fantastic opportunity for one of our young people to start their career in this field. Brendan is currently on a 12 month placement with H&D Trim and if all goes well he will be making his way to an apprenticeship in September- watch this space.

Kara gets her apprenticeship

Well done to Kara who, after a year with the project completing a pre-trade apprenticeship with Southampton City Council, has been offered a carpentry apprenticeship. Kara's start with the council wasn't without its issues but with the help of the project she has been able to turn it around and we are very proud of her. Why not watch the video on our homepage for her full story.

Congratulations to Bluestar in Eastleigh who have been named the Top National Bus Depot at the UK Bus Awards. Those of you who have been following the project will know that Bluestar are a huge advocate of our work and continue to support us and the young people we work with. Great news for Bluestar and a great organisation to be involved with. 

A huge thank you to Corhampton Golf club for their fundraising activities this year. Through various activities they raised £4000 for the project which will go towards helping the disadvantaged youth of Southampton achieve their potential.

Josh gets a Job! Huge congratulations to Josh who has just completed his placement through The Rainbow Project with Southampton City Council as a Green Keeper. Due to his hard work and dedication, the council have now offered Josh a summer contract to continue his contribution to the cities open spaces.

New Inland Homes Placements

Inland Homes, a new contractor to the Southampton area, have offered a fantastic opportunity to The Rainbow Project for a Young Person to work on the prestigious Waterside Project which can be seen from Northam Bridge. Working with and supporting various trades, the Young person has been doing extremely well and has become an integral part of the team. We would like to say many thanks to Inland Homes for giving this Young Person the opportunity to change their life.

For further information about the project then please follow the link 


Co-op Fundraising Huge thanks to the Co-op who raised a staggering £5,357.08 through their Co-op ‘Local community fund’ initiative. Your help was very much appreciated!

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