I started working alongside The Rainbow project back in 2015 when I hit a struggle in life and needed a bit of help to get me back up on my feet and point me in the right direction for a better future. These guys ensured me there was light at the end of the tunnel and I could see the opportunities that were out there to help me go further in life. With my hard work and effort and their amazing help and guidance along the way, Trudi and Shelley have helped me to achieve what I have today. I can proudly say that after 4 years I am now a level 3 qualified carpenter working for Southampton city council and have a bright further ahead of me now thanks to these guys. One word of advice, never give up. If you want something you can do it - Boe

All of us at Marwell Wildlife connected with Rainbow Life Chances were saddened when our involvment with the project ceased. The professional support and dedication of the project staff from the initial contact, through development of the placement opportunities to the placements themselves impressed us all. We are extremely pleased to provide professional references for any of the young people placed with us and it was a most rewarding experience for Marwell to be involved in this project. We would be delighted to work in partnership on similar projects with Rainbow again.

David Muspratt

Volunteering Manager


As a host organisation offering work placements for five seconded young people we are delighted at the successful outcomes of the Rainbow Life Chances service. Candidates were carefully interviewed an placed in the most appropriate position available. Each young person was given induction training prior to starting their secondment. This meant the had the structures in place to help make their employment placements work e.g, had bank accounts and had seen a GP. They alo came better prepared and equipped to cope in a work environment.

Rainbow worked extremely hard and successfully throughout the work placements to keep good contact with their employees and to offer guidance and support. The young people also had access to support from an experienced mentor.

It was a pleasure to see how the young people involved in the project grew, both in respect to their approach to employment and their personal development.

Annie Knight

Volunteer Co-ordinator

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